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How We Fight Our War on Waste

laser cutting

Laser Cutting and Engraving

We have an 80w CO2 laser with a material capacity of 900x600. We can cut or engrave any material other than metal, to give your work the extra edge to stand out above the rest. From sinage, art work or a series of precision cut parts.


CNC Aluminium and Timber

We can now offer CNC mould and template making. Through a colaboration effort we have teamed up with CNC machienest to offer amazing pricing and quality for aluminium moulds to be used within the plastic recycling universe. As well as we can carve and cut your design from timber for that perfect unique look.

3D Printing

3D Printing

We have a 2 3D printers on sight as well as two teqcnitions with many years printing and design experience. The true power of 3D allows any designer with any idea to bring it to life for prof on concept with very little expendature on materials and labor up front. This pre production stage significantly increases the chance of success


Recycled Plastic Manufacturing

We have a set of micro plastic processing machines, we use them to manufacture recycled plastic products. If you have an idea or a product you would like to see made from recycled plastic, stopping the import of virgin plastic we can help make that happen. Maybe you have a post consumer waste product you would like to be given new life, we can help you design build and produce a new concept from your used waste plastic, diverteing it from landfill.


Cad Design and Prototyping

We have 2 industrial designers on our team with combind 15 years experience. We can help you design and develop new and innovative products made from recycled materials. We can help manage your post manufacturing and consumer waste into personalised promotional products. We can generate all technical CAD drawings as well as supply CNC moulds to work with our recycled plastic injection and extrusion machines and it can all be tested with our 3D printing capabilities befor heading to production



Our products are what get us in front of the rest, boasting a truly circular range of products. We use all of our tools and experience to bring a unique set of products to the market, all made from 100% recycled australian materials. We work with glass, timber and plastic. Our primary product being Ambicrete, developed right here in Melbourne with 70% recycled materials can replace concrete in many applications including our Solidware range. Our Lumbarware bench tops not only have a story but are made from 60 plus year old Australian hardwood making each one different.

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